User Programmable Multimedia Controllers


The ABtUS AVS-1200CV2 is a higher performance User Programmable Multimedia Controller designed for any small Multimedia Class Room or boardroom application. With its simple integration and user friendly functions (easy to use) ABtUS AVS-1200CV2 can be easily integrated and acts as an extended central media control unit. Functions include a universal projector control which controls a projector’s power on/off, Input switching, and volume control via RS-232 and/or IR control. The AVS-1200C can also be configured for motorized screens or room’s lighting control.

Typical Application
The AVS-1200CV2 is part of the ABtUS series of high quality and cost effective User Programmable Media Controller designed especially for professional installers. ABtUS products can be found in industrial, commercial, educational, military and government applications such as:

  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Training rooms
  • Workstation environments
  • Multipurpose Halls
  • "User Programmable" Comes with user friendly Ul application software
  • User changeable button label / text Buttons / text can be changed according to requirement
  • Universal projector/ display panel control Provided Projector control via IR (IR learning capabilities) or user-defined RS-232 commands.
  • Room Control Three Configurable relays allow centralized control of room functions such as motorized screen or lightings settings.
  • IR Learning (IRMCs) Enables customized IR control of projector when RS-232 control is not available
  • One-touch Input selection Input selection buttons can be customized with clearly labeled and backlit (LED) for displays.
  • Timer clock power shut-down An adjustable timer that allows automatic shut down of projector to preserve energy and extend projector lamp life.
  • LCM Display Clock and l/O indication
  • External Power Off control Unit can be connected to a remote external power off control system for remote monitoring and control.
SETUP COM PORT : (9600, 8 Data Bit, Non Parity and 1 Stop Bit)
CONFIGURABLE : 2 x RS-232 (8 Data Bit and 1 Stop Bit)
COM PORT : Baud rate (9600 to 115200),
Parity bit (Non, Even or Odd)
1 x IR out
1 x External Power Off control
DIGITAL l/O : 2 x External for controlling screen relay controller
CONTROL BUTTON : Number of user defined "Control Button" x 11
Available protocol for each "Control Button" x 2
LED/ BUZZER : With LED & Buzzer for indication and confirmation
HOUSING : Metal/ Aluminum
DIMENSIONS : 156 x 86 x 42 mm
WEIGHT : 350g
ACCESSORIES : AC-DC Power Adaptor 12V-DC, 500mA