User Programmable Multimedia Switcher


The ABtUS AVS-1200SV2 is a high performance Multimedia Switcher designed for any small medium Multimedia Class Room or boardroom application.

AVS-1200SV2 can also be configured together with the AVS-1200CV2 as the Multimedia Controller Switcher.

Typical Applications
The AVS-1200SV2 is part of the ABtUS series of high quality, high bandwidth and cost effective Distribution Amplifiers and Switchers especially for professional installers. ABtUS products can be found in industrial, commercial, educational, military and government application such as:

  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Training rooms
  • Workstation environments
  • Multipurpose Halls
  • RS-232 Controllable
  • Easy Installation with standard AV l/O connector and cabling
  • Fully self contained/ integrated AV switcher
  • Supports 4 VGA input with resolutions from VGA to SXGA
  • Works well with any monitors and projectors
INPUT : VGA Input x 4 (*D-Sub 15pin)
PC-Audio x 4 (*3.5mm mini jack)
C-Video x 4 (*1 x RCA)
Stereo Audio x 4 (*2 x RCA)
Microphone x 2 (*6.3mm)
OUTPUT : VGA output x 2 (*900MHz)
** 1 to projector and 1 for monitor
C-Video x 2 (*1 x RCA)
Main Stereo Audio x 2 (*2 x RCA)
VGA BANDWIDTH : 4-in 2-out VGA Distribution Amplifier Switcher
(900MHz R+G+B) ** Output-2 follows Input-4
MAX RESOLUTION : 1280 x 1024
ALL CABLE LENGTH : Up to 28 meter
CONTROL : RS-232 controllable
(8 Data Bit and 1 Stop Bit)
BAUB RATE : 9600
LED INDICATOR : With LED for power indication and confirmation
VIDEO SELECTION : All Video/ VGA Input Switching - Digital
AUDIO SELECTION : Audio Input Switching - Digital
VOLUME : Main Volume Control - Digital
MIC GAIN : Microphone Input Gain Control - Digital
CONTROL : Front Panel and RS-232
DIMENSION : 235 x 125 x 30 mm
WEIGHT : 400g
POWER SOURCE : 100 to 230 VAC, 50/60Hz