Classroom Controller Switcher


The ABtUS AVS-320 is a user friendy projector controller switcher that can handle multi format inputs from various sources and controls the projector at the same time. It consolidates all the input and output signals in a regular classroom and functions as a central controller to make the classroom more organized and easier for teachers to manage. Since it only require a single CAT-5e/6/7 cable, installation is usually quick and simple. It also has a useful DIP switch that allows users to choose from a list of pre-programmed projectors so there’s no need for complicated programing whenever, the user changes the projector.

● Single CAT5e/6/7 output allows for quicker and easier installations
● Support Power over Cable (POC)
● Support up to 20m with CAT-5e and up to 40m with CAT-6A
● Supports USB (HID) , VGA and HDMI
● Works well with any monitors, projectors and interactive system
● Scan convert VGA input to HDMI
● Simple to use, no training required
● “User Programmable” with Window base Application Software

Input: 1 × VGA Input (*D-Sub 15pin)
  1 × PC-Audio (*3.5mm)
  1 × Mic Input (*6.3mm)
  1 × USB-B
  1 × USB-A
  3 × HDMI Input (19 pin female with build in buffer)
Output:  1 × CAT5e/6/7 output (To RX)
  1 × HDMI monitor output
  1 × Main Stereo Audio
VGA bandwidth:  165MHz (R+G+B), support up to 1600 x 1200
Max resolution: Full HD 1080p (HDMI)
All cable length:  Up to 20 meter using CAT-5e or up to 40m using CAT-6A
Control button: Available protocol for each “Control Button” :1
  (or × 2 depending on configurations)
LED:  LED With LED indication and buzzer for confirmation
Volume:  Main Volume Control (Analog)
Mic gain:  Microphone Input Gain Control (Analog)
Power adaptor:  12V-DC, 1A
Housing: ABS
Gross dimension:  147 × 88 × 44 mm
Gross weight: 270 g