Sequenced Output Power Conditioner (8 Relay +1)



The ABtUS PWR-DA09C/PG is a safe and convenient Sequenced Output Power Conditioner distribution unit offering protection to all valuable rack-mounted equipments. Sequenced power up of a complete power audio system from just a push of a switch that eliminates the loud “POP” sound which may damage speakers and other equipments connected. The PWR-DA09C/PG features sequenced power start up. During start up, each outlet is turned on one at a time with a delay time (Valiable and programmable) between each other. This delay prevents the “POP” sound by allowing each piece of equipment to properly power up before allowing the audio signals to pass through. The PWR-DA09C/PG also features an EMI fi lter which suppresses RF(Radio frequency) and other AC line noises, ensuring a quieter operation operation of units that’ 92s plugged in. The Line Voltage sensor monitors the incoming voltage from 185~265VAC, assuring the AC voltage is in a safe operating range for the connected equipment. Its 12VDC BNC outlet also allows power for a LED light/Lamp that provides a cool-running light source for all equipment in your rack.

• Multi-Stage surge protection
• Linear Filtering Technology
• Front panel power status LEDs
• External I/O allow remote operation
• 8 switched outlets (rear) and one pass through un-switched outlet (front)
• 12VDC supply (BNC) allow any gooseneck lamp or LEDs that provides a cool running source for the rack.