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Multipurpose Trolley



● Use for stacking of Chairs or Tables.
● Can handle up to 8 stacked Chairs or Tables.
● Trolley with 4 wheels for safety and stable transportation.
● Feature 2x200mm castor wheels with bearings for smooth transportation
● Feature 2x75mm swivel castor wheels for stable rear support
● Interchangeable Platform with 2x50mm wheels on both sides for smooth movement
● Foldable rear support.
● Strap for safety securing.
● All steel construction with powder coating.
● Dimensions (Folded) : 752mm (W) x 1300mm (H) x 520mm (D)
Dimensions (unFolded) : 752mm (W) x 1158mm (H) x 853mm (D)
● Colour: Black
● Weight: 21.5kg (With Platform), 17.2kg (w/o Platform)
● Load capacity: 80kg