Current Audio visual solutions in the market are countless and varied. Often, if the solution is not accurately tailored to the specific needs, it cannot meet its maximum capability to deliver the vital points to the audience. As a customer-oriented company, ABtUS understands the importance of efficiency, convenience, high quality performance, easy application and cost an effective integrated AV solution which will in turns enhance the organization's professionalism as well as improve performances. Therefore do allow ABtUS to work with your organization right from the initial planning process, and together we strive for the most suitable solution to satisfy your requirements.


Application of audio visual systems can be installed in boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and auditoriums etc. Sharing of information is made possible to close communication gaps. Presentations and meetings can be illustrated in a clear and precise way with the integrations of our AV solutions.


For education in school to be effective, the environment needs to be conducive, allowing the pupils space and time to interact within the learning and teaching process. ABtUS simplifies the process of technology with few easy operating steps so that teachers need little or no training while operating these equipments.


Government has stringent requirements; therefore customized solutions are required to integrated into their individual protocols.


AV solutions are essential in the Hotel industry as guests expect the comforts of home when they travel.

House of Worship

As the saying goes : "A picture speaks a thousand words". A high quality audio system can complement the projected inspirational quotations, announcements, teachings, religious activities, seminars and more.


We provide simple and affordable entertainment control solution to enhance the entire environment, bringing luxury right to you.


The retailers' operating systems today need to be infused with far more technology than it was case several years ago. ABtUS’s goal is to assist these retailers in creating all environment that enhances customers' experience in their store.