Compact Eco Digital Mixer Amplifier


The ABtUS AMP-S040/AP1 is a new Eco Amplifier System that design to deliver quality stereo amplification. With it’s compact size and output power of 2 x 40 watts. This amplifier provide a new generation of energy savings. Digital Amplifier system that offer a powerful and versatile answer to any installation’s needs especially with a short throw projection system or in a multi media classroom.
With its unique “Auto Power ON/OFF base on input signal detection” and digital amplification circuit, it consume as low as 4.5 watts in a typical usage, which make this the most Eco-friendly amplification solution ever. External volume and RS-232 control is integrated so tat Volume could be controlled by a external volume control or and third party central control system.
  • Powered with switching power adaptor for maximum power efficiency
  • Integrated with Class-D digital amplifier with low power consumption
  • Integrated with input signal sensing with Auto Power ON/OFF
  • Fully Eco Friendly digital mixer amplifier system (*energy saving)
  • Integrated with external Volume and RS-232 Control connectivity
  • Build in with 12V 1A output power for powering of any external devices (e.g Media Control Switcher)
INPUT : 1 × Stereo Audio Line-in 2 × RCA Female Connector
  : 1 × Stereo Audio Line-in 1 × 3.5mm Stereo min Jack
  : 1 × Microphone 1 × 6.3mm Phone Jack
OUTPUT : 1 × Left and Right Speaker 2 × 2pin 3.8mm Screw Type Terminal Block
    2 × Line Out (loop out) 2 × 3.5mm Screw Type Terminal Block
    1 × 12V DC, 1A 1 × 3pin 3.8mm Screw Type Terminal Block
CONTROL   1 × 1 External Volume Control 1 × 3pin 3.8mm Screw Type Terminal Block
    1 ×RS-232 1 × 3pin 3.8mm Screw Type Terminal Block
OUTPUT POWER : 40W + 40W (*base on 4 ohm speaker)
FREQUENCY RANGE : 20 Hz to 20 KHz (Amplifier)
POWER SUPPLY : Switching AC DC Power Adaptor 16V DC 5.6A
DIMENSIONS : 190 × 101.8 × 29.3 mm
WEIGHT : 600g