LED/LCD Display Fixed Wall Mount


Behind your prized LED/LCD display, you need a Great Support

Designed for all discerning owners of their prized flat LED and LCDs. ABtUS Universal LED/LCD Fixed Wall Mount AV415-W2 supports any 23”-37” flat panels. Its Ultra sleek design provides the ultimate wall mounting solution that is very safe and discreet, keeping the panel 1.25” (32mm) away from the wall.

Fast and easy installation Fixed Mount
Slim design only 32mm from the wall
Sliding lateral on-wall adjustment
Includes mounting hardware kit
Locking bars for security
Economical mounting solution
Light weight
Universal to wide range of LED/LCD display

LED/LCD SIZE : Suitable for 23” to 37”
WALL PLATE DIMENSION : 470mm (18.5”) x 220mm (8.7”)
LENGTH OF HOOK : 361mm (14.21”)
: 32mm (1.25")
LOAD CAPACITY : 45kg (100 lbs)
COLOR OPTION : Black or Silver