Non-Contact Thermal Sensor



This is a non-contact thermal sensor built for human thermal fast detection. The main idea is to help detect people with fever concerns in public. If the temperature exceeds 37.3°C , the screen will be displayed in red font and send immediate warning sound.

All temperature parameters are designed for rapid scanning of human temperature.

Thus, they cannot be used for other purposes.

No human Contact
Fast Scanning
High Temperature Alert (Warning display and sound)
No software required.
Schools, Government institutions, Offices or anywhere with large crowd  and constant human interaction

Measurement perspective:                   110 degree
Measurement range:                            10 ~ 80 cm
Measurement temperature range:        20~38.5°C
Working temperature range:                 20~30°C
Data update frequency:                       4 fps
Temperature error:                               ±0.7°C
Protocol:                                              2.4G WiFi
SD card storage format:                      .csv (Comes with 16GB micro SD card)
Operated By:                                       12VDC, 1A
Power Consumption:                            <2W