4” Wall Mounted Touch Panel



The ABtUS TP-04I is a IPS 4” LCD touch screen panel with a resolution of 480x480 pixels.

The interface is fully customizable with features such as multiple pages, customizable buttons layout, fonts and etc. It also supports pictures and graphics in JPG, PNG, BMP and other picture formats.

It can work as a stand alone control unit, deployed with a central control system or synchronize with multiple units for large area deployment.

Ideal for home automation, meeting room controls and smart rooms.

● 4” IPS LCD touch screen
● 2 X RS232 control ports
● 1 X RS485 control port
● 1 X IR outputs
● 1 X Digital I/O
● 1 X Temperature Sensor I/O
● Capacitive Touch Screen
● Resolution: 480x480 pixels
● Support multiple units synchronization
● With screen standby protection settings and electronic calendar display
● Support scene settings and macro
● Support SCRIPT functions
● Built with 24MB, Flash memory
● Built with 3999 IDs (each ID can support 255 commands and delays)